Music Promotion.

Rising to any occasion, Dole|Humphries, a songwriting duo from Los Angeles, brings their brand of original music to live performances on any stage—from quiet ballads to lively rockers. A stew of rock, pop, blues, and country soul, their sound is generated from their many years of influence from music and life. They also provide covers of their favorites from the past and present. Alesia Humphries and Steve Dole are a songwriting and entertaining performing package. They can expand from a quiet duo to full-blown 5 or 6-piece band as the situation arises. 

What’s more exciting than releasing your own original songs to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and CDBaby? Nothing comes to mind. We’ll help you to promote your creative accomplishments, as we recently did with a promotional video for Alesia XO, celebrating the release of three original songs written by Dole|Humphries, along with a live music video by Dole|Humphries

Music Videos

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